An end to 2020

Cheers to an end of 2020!

As we welcome a new year, we wish you much love, prosperity, peace and good health. We are hopeful the future will bring time to heal as we take with us the learnings from the year that was.

As we walk forward into 2021 we are stronger because of what we experienced and learned.

Some families were fortunate enough to spend some quality lockdown time with their children and/or spouse. To really get to know them like never before. Others worked harder than they ever had to reinvent their business, make changes, and learned how to survive against the odds. You should be proud of what you have done this year. It wasn’t easy. But standing stronger today because of 2020 has made us appreciate… just about everything. We now appreciate the face to face smile of a loved one. The sound of a child’s laughter in the midst of a messy house. Jogging pants. Wildlife in the yard. Garden fresh vegetables. Homemade bread.

Before 2020 we took a lot for granted. My hope is we all find the silver lining and take joy in so many simply things. Work harder to make our environment greener, our families and friends feel more loved, and be more charitable to shelters, food banks, neighbours, and small local business.

Much love and peace to you in 2021, may we all be better because of 2020.