Natural Wreaths


We all know the benefits of spending time outdoors going on a walk or nature hike. Why not take the time to collect special nature pieces to remember your experience and craft your own wreath. Finding plants with interesting textures or delicate dried flowers mixed with found objects like feathers or grasses can make a beautiful reminder of the season. Don’t forget echinacea, thistle, pine cones and berries make great options. Be mindful to leave some berries and seeds etc. for birds and other animals to feed on over the winter months too. Native wild grape vines are always a great base to start making your wreath.

Consider instead of cutting a fresh live tree for your Christmas tree this year, let the tree continue growing and cut branches instead. I use the opportunity to trim pine and spruce trees on the trails or around the yard that need a bit of a clean up and use the boughs to make festive wreaths, or embellish the fireplace, staircase and around the kitchen window. The house feels warm and cozy with the nostalgic scent of conifers but the tree stays outside to continue taking in carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen for us.

The goal is to get outside, take time enjoying where you are and take note of what’s growing and living around you. Your wild crafted wreath doesn’t have to look magazine ready, it just has to be enjoyable to make and reflect on making it. It’s special because you made it! No plastics were used, no shipping emissions, no landfill space taken when you grow tired of it. Next year simply make another after it’s composted.

If making a wreath isn’t your thing, why not support a local florist to see if they can source local greenery to make you something fresh or dried. Dried wreaths can often last and be enjoyed for years to come.