Using herbs in floral arrangements


Let’s face it, as the environment becomes a more pressing concern for many, we are looking for ways to reduce plastics, ship less and use more locally sourced items. 

Ever really think about the journey exotic flowers take to get to you? A lot of shipping is involved, refrigerated trucks travelling many miles to be able to create something fresh for your floral arrangement. Ever consider using your own grown herbs, fruits and veggies in arrangements instead? Depending on the time of year some things aren’t simply in season but if you’ve been ale to cut and dry items from your own garden they may great dried arrangements all year.
As edible landscaping is growing in popularity, mixing herbs and veggies within your flower garden, why not showcase that in floral arrangements as well. It’s often unique as well as being more sustainable in most cases.
Try shaping your rosemary plant into a “Christmas tree” shape, that way you can use the pieces and keep it for cooking long after the season.

This photo sourced from Martha Stewart, is a beautiful romantic example of using herbs in wedding arrangements. Be mindful some herbs do better than others without water, but woody stems like rosemary are great. Also Rosemary is known as the herb for remembrance so it can carry a special meaning for those you want to remember on your wedding day.