Holiday Gift Wrap


Thought and effort go into giving a gift to someone. The holiday season can be busy, hectic, and stressful. But taking the time to decorate your gift in a special way let’s the person you are giving to know you thought about them and took care to make the gift special just for them.

I actually hate wrapping. I’m terrible at it. I’ve had people say “oh did you get your kids to wrap this?” But still I enjoy going outside to pick a special bunch of leaves, berries, pinecones or stems of something to embellish my terribly wrapped gift. Mostly to disguise the mess of the wrapping job, but at the very least it shows I tried and that is what is appreciated most.

make your own custom stamp- You can use a potato or whatever you have!

Fun ways to make gifts special – it has to be fun and not stressful for you most of all. Do what you like to do. Potato stamps aren’t just for kids! Make wrapping paper using reused craft paper, stamping or doodling with a sharpie, whatever you want. Next year I’m going to try recycling fabric as wrapping paper!

Use a Sharpie and a brown paper bag to wrap gifts! No gift tags needed! |  Gift wrapping, Creative gift wrapping, Creative wrapping
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Get the kids involved too they’ll have fun doodling too!