The Lost Art of Letters


A hand written note, card, letter, invitation, birthday greeting, etc. makes the message more intimate and meaningful.

Why is handwriting more meaningful? They show how important the recipient is to the sender. They’re a personal artifact that can become a cherished memory. People understand what goes into handwriting a letter, particularly when sending an email is so much easier, so a handwritten letter is always appreciated.

Handwriting a note not only makes the person you are sending the note to but it is also beneficial as an often much needed break from technology.

When sitting down at the computer or typing a message on a phone, there are many other priorities and things to click on that could divert your attention or reduce your focus on what you’re writing. Sitting down to a blank sheet of paper, however, and suddenly all of that mental clutter is out of the way, and your creative juices start flowing again. Make the process special. Clean your space – to avoid clutter, make it comfortable – light a scented candle, and now you’ve just made the entire process special for both you and the recipient.

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Handwriting, as it is less and less used in this age of technology, is getting lost. Spelling (without autocorrect), clean legible writing, even the ability to read cursive writing is becoming a distance thing of days gone by.

If you have the opportunity to slow down during this busy time and clear some space for yourself, perhaps sending a greeting card or letter to someone important this week will be just as meaningful to you as the person receiving it.