Barn Wedding Favours


There is something beautiful and warm when it comes to all things rustic. So it’s no surprise that rustic weddings are popular. If you have decided to give away wedding favours, and FYI not everyone does. But if you do, and you want something your guests will love… why not try something that suits a rustic wedding. Consider working with a small local farm or small business to support them in a small way by ordering your wedding special favours or gifts through them.

Local farms, like Tasha’s Table, can create artisan preserves like jams infused with local wineries and distilleries for your wedding that are a sweet thank your guests will rave about. Maple syrup or honey are another great local products that people LOVE getting and using. I’ve worked with some vendors I can refer you to.

Don’t forget plants as a gift. Herbs, potted plants and flowers, tiny native tree saplings to plant – these are lasting and meaningful gifts. That can hold special meaning for years after your wedding.

Seed packets are also a fantastic gift especially for a barn/farm wedding. I made custom seed packets for a bride last year who wanted to giveaway sunflower seeds from my garden. I’m excited that the heirloom sunflowers I grew will hopefully be grown by wedding guests all over Ontario from the Herb Garden!

A herb wall with gifts!
If you like the look of fresh herbs in water guests can take herb kitchen bouquets!

Be mindful that farms often need time to plan any extra plants, seeds and crops well in advance. Ideally a year in advance will ensure the farmer can plan appropriately.

If you’ve got the time and energy also consider making your own favours. Homemade soaps, or hand poured candles would be a thoughtful gift.

Remember to give yourself lots of time to plan and prepare the last thing you want is to created added stress for yourself. Keep it simple and easy and whatever you decide your guests will LOVE the thought and effort you made to share your special day and make it memorable.