Northern Roots

Northern Roots is springing into the 2022 season at The Herb Garden!

Northern Roots is a new local grower dedicated to producing beautiful and resilient native perennials. We specialize in species native to North America; most of the plants we offer are native to our local eco-region. Northern Roots is committed to using sustainable production models to grow hardy local species that can weather our changing climate.

We believe beautiful gardens should be affordable, low-maintenance and serve our wild neighbours. We want to repopulate our urban and rural areas with the wildflowers, shrubs and trees that serve an integral role in our ecosystems and provide food and habitat for the pollinators that feed us!

We’ve partnered with The Herb Garden to produce and supply the Almonte area with the highest-quality native seedlings, grown locally from ethically sourced seeds, using low-impact production methods. Pick a wildflower, plant, and provide for our local pollinators!

In our first year, we will offer a variety of seedlings as we develop our stock over the next few seasons. We are looking forward to growing with The Herb Garden!

April 30th is almost here – we’ll see you soon!
Frances MacDonald