Hosting a planet friendly event

Hosting outdoor weddings, your guests will feel more connected to nature and reduce energy consumption.

Because events are inherently wasteful, stress can rocket up when considering their environmental impact. The only way to minimize that is to be conscientious, intentional and thoughtful.… Read the rest

Thank you for your support

As 2023 begins, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the Herb Garden throughout the years!

The Herb Garden has changed ownership over the years. But each time it was sold, it was always operated with love as a small family run seasonal business. Despite changing and challenging times, it has managed to endure 30 years of business.… Read the rest

Ginger 2023 Herb of the Year

Spice up the New Year with ginger as the 2023 Herb of the Year.

The International Herb Association selects a “Herb of the Year” each year since 1995. For 2023, Ginger was selected. The decision is based on the herb being outstanding in at least two of the following categories: culinary, decorative, or medicinal.… Read the rest