Say it ain’t cilantro — 30 years in business!

Nearly 30 years ago the property now know as the Herb Garden started its transformation from a centuries old Irish farming property into a family operated small garden business

A brief look back on the last 30 years.

It was the early 90s when the Channers began plans to open and operate a Herb Garden Business in the Corkery area (Ottawa/Almonte). After visiting Herb Garden sites around the world the property at 3840 Old Almonte Road inspired them to put down roots and start the Herb Garden.

The Herb Garden & Gift Shop opened with greenhouses selling seedlings and potted herbs and a log gift shop selling herb related books, garden supplies, and herb related gifts. At that time The Herb Garden offered regular workshops and garden tours. Before the internet was widespread, you had to sign up for a Herb Garden workshop via a brochure and mail it with a cheque to sign up.

Midsummer Herbfest was a favorited local annual event in the area and beyond. So many wonderful vendors and guests participated in cooking demos, music, dance, and well received talks.

As thyme went on, new owners G&G took the reins, and continued to offer potted herbs for sale and host the fabulous Herbfest for many more successful years! But eventually is was thyme to turn over a new bay leaf and so G&G retired from the Herb Garden in 2017 but continued to offer sage advice.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy herbs and that’s kind of the same thing. So the Herb Garden changed ownership – and it was thyme to start anew!

We still offer potted herbs for sale and have the same gift shop open at the start of the season. Our Spring list of events is now available on our website and we will add a few more events and workshops as we plan for them in the coming weeks.

We’d love to include more photos over the last 30 years in these newsletters during the years. As a relatively new owner, I’d love to hear about what workshops you’d love to do again, see your photos and hear about what a wonderful experience you’ve had over the years! I look forward to sharing more. 30 years is something to celebrate and chive got a feeling, it will be a round a bit longer but only thyme will tell.