Looking Ahead to a New Year

Happy New Year, and welcome to a brand new decade! Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. So cheers to whatever this one has in store, and what you make of it!

The next three months are always a fun time to plan and prepare for our next season.… Read the rest

After One Year

It has now been a full year since we took ownership of the Herb Garden and I have to say it was one busy year!
I did think I would be able to create regular blog posts, but I realized quickly that there were going to be things I simply could not get to (blog/newsletter) in year one.… Read the rest

New Beginnings

This is my first ever blog post. I guess you could say I’ve been a long time reader, first time writer. I really wasn’t sure of including a blog portion on the website I am a very private person. The idea of sharing personal ideas and photos with total strangers doesn’t make me comfortable.… Read the rest