Wellness properties

Herbs have been used as food and medicine since man has been on earth. There are few plants capable of providing the sheer pleasure of herbs; they are the most generous of plants, aromatic and attractive; useful in both the home and the garden, health-giving and healthy.

The increasing interest in herbs is part of  movement towards a healthier lifestyle, symbolizing a more natural approach. Herbs are used in cooking, domestic products, alternative medicines, and cosmetics, and they affect the quality of life in many ways.

The increased demand (of herbs) has been caused by the public’s growing awareness of the infinite variety of herbs, and their use in herbalism, cosmetics, and cooking all over the world. The need to conserve plants has also increased people’s knowledge of herbs. Growing traditional plants, with their vast histories of use, is immensely satisfying.

This excerpt was taken from the book “Jekka’s complete herb book” written by Jekka McVicar which was purchased by the original Herb Garden founders Gerry and Sharon as a gift to the next owners Gerry and George and they have now shared with us both the book and their wisdom.
Although herbs are thought of as a natural and safe alternative to western medicine, they can be very potent and potentially dangerous if you have not consulted a herbalist and your doctor for professional advice.

Herbalists we have worked with:


Jill has worked in healthcare for over 25 years and brings the combined experience of working as a Registered Nurse, Medical Herbalist, and Registered Dietitian.






Herb Garden staff is currently enrolled in a three year practical herbalist program. We are currently not certified to provide medicinal advice or prescriptions.